This page provides guidance and further information to assist the applicant in understanding the DASR.139 -Aerodrome regulations relating to Aerodrome Design Change.

Any change to the design, construction or operations of an aerodrome, that has appreciable effect on the safety of flight operations or changes the aerodrome configuration so that it deviates from the Authority-agreed Certification Basis (CB), invalidates the aerodrome certification and therefore, must be presented to the Authority for re-certification. The purpose of the re-certification process is to assure that the aerodrome continues to be subject to engineering rigour and that the aerodrome remains in a condition that supports safe-flight operations over it’s service life.

Approval of all design changes follows the same principles of certification of a new aerodrome. For all changes, including changes to the Operating intent that affect the design, the certification basis of the change must be established, the means of compliance determined and compliance with the certification basis demonstrated and declared. Alteration of any design data covered by the Aerodrome Certificate and used for Aerodrome Continued Compliance or authorised data for completing Aerodrome continuing compliance also requires a design change approval.

Changes that have no appreciable effect on the safety of flight operations are not required to be presented to the DASA. Aerodrome Operators are expected to use professional judgement in determining whether a design change has an ‘appreciable’ effect on safety, and when in doubt should consult the Authority. Determinations for these changes must be available and may be subject to Authority review during oversight activities. The Aerodrome Operator is still expected to apply the same amount of rigour / standard in implementing those design changes without an appreciable effect on safety of flight, as they would for those changes when they apply to the Authority. That is, all steps of the certification process should be comprehensively completed, as applicable, without needing to submit the application to the Authority.

What We Do

The DASA will agree to Certification Programmes (CP) and approve Certification Basis (CB) requirements for those changes submitted to the Authority, inspect selected compliance evidence, approve all tailoring of requirements and approve all applications for changes.

"The applicant is encouraged to consult the Authority if there is any doubt regarding whether a change requires re-certification".

How Do I Apply?

For any change the applicant should discuss the content of the Certification Programme with the DASA until both parties are satisfied, then submit a simplified CP to seek agreement from the DASA.

An application for the Authority’s certification for an aerodrome is to be made by writing to the Authority. The application should include reference to all information required to be developed by the CP. The Application for a change to the aerodrome certificate can be made using the Application for Aerodrome Certificate. See forms section below.

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If you want to learn more about Aerodrome Design Changes, please consult the DASR 139 (Aerodrome) Regulations at DASR 139 Aerodromes and the following resources:

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