Aerodromes, Heliport and Shipborne Heliport Certification

Enquiries related to Aerodrome, Heliport and Shipborne Heliport Certificates (Technical), or requests for technical advice and products can be submitted to the DASA Aerodromes Group email:

Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) and Aerodromes (AD) Operations

ANSP/AD provides regulatory training and promotion, and oversight & enforcement to support DASR ANSP and AD (DASR 139), including organisational approvals for ANSP and AD Accountable Manager organisations and Approval of Certified Aerodromes.

Group email:

Air Operational Review and Approvals

For enquiries pertaining to Air Operational Reviews and Approvals please email:

Aircraft Certification and Production

Enquiries related to the following can be submitted to the DASA Type Cert Mailbox:

  • Applications for MTC, MSTC, MRTC, Major Change Approvals.
  • Product certification process.
  • Issue of MPTFs and approval of Flight Conditions.
  • Issue of CoA.
  • MTC holders and obligations.
  • DoSA.

Enquiries related to design organisations and production can be submitted to the DASA DIA Part 21 Mailbox

Enquiries regarding feedback on the DASDRM can be submitted to DASA DTS Enquiries Mailbox

Enquiries regarding design technologies and standards can be submitted to DASA DTS Enquiries Mailbox

Enquiries relating to the following topics contact your desk officer in the first instance:

  • Aircraft Structural Integrity
  • Helicopter Structural Integrity
  • Propulsion Systems Integrity
  • Aeromechanical Systems
  • Other specialist engineering services

For general enquiries regarding Aviation Engineering please email the Directorate of Aviation Engineering (DAVENG) Group Mailbox:

Aircraft Safety and Investigations 

For reportable occurrences to the Authority, please submit to: DASA Occurrence Reporting

For DFSB Investigation enquiries – Contact the DFSB Duty Officer for all Investigation related support – or (02) 6144 9199.

Airworthiness Board Coordination

For enquiries pertaining to Airworthiness Coordination and Policy please email:

Aviation Safety Management Systems 

Enquiries related to the Aviation Safety Management Systems (ASMS) can be submitted to the DASA ASMS Mailbox

Continuing Airworthiness

Email Enquiries:

Air Mobility
Surveillance Warfare and Training (SWaT)
​DASR 66

DASA Registry

The DASA Registry is the primary contact point or communication method for the receipt and dispatch of official correspondence and nominated products into and out of DASA. This ensures documents are appropriately registered, tracked and passed to the correct appointment/s. Email:

Please review DASA Function Group Mailboxes listed on this page for direct line of enquiries/correspondence/submissions.

DASR Enquiries

For general enquiries or feedback related to the Defence Aviation Safety Regulations (inclusive of AMC an GM)  email:  

Alternatively submit a DASR Query Form 110 for queries related to the clarification, interpretation or implementation of the DASR.

DASR Forms

Enquiries To be submitted to DASA as per email address identified in the "Submit Form" section of the Form itself.

Defence Aviation Safety - Annual Report

For enquiries pertaining to Defence Aviation Safety - Annual Report (DAS-AR): email placing DAS-AR in the subject line.

DFSB Reporting, Intelligence & Research

For incidents, accidents and ASR related support – Contact the ASR Service Desk - 02 6128 7476 or email

For Salus Safety Intelligence Portal enquiries email


To provide feedback to the Defence Aviation Safety Authority email:

Flight Operations 

For enquiries pertaining to Flight Operations please email:

Newsbreak Subscription and Website Feedback

To sign up to our information subscription service to receive up to date notification of events and document releases email:

To unsubscribe from our subscription service, email:

To provide website feedback click here: Website Feedback.(Opens in a new tab/window)

Non-Destructive Testing and Composite Technologies

Email Enquiries

NDT – Engineering, equipment, manufacture,
standards, methods, specialist advice 
Composite Technology - Equipment, manufacture,
standards, methods, specialist advice
NDT or CT Certification or 

Publishing and Multimedia

For all Publishing and Multimedia enquiries  – Contact the P&M team for all related support – or submit a Task Request Form.

Public Affairs Officer

The DASA’s Public Affairs Officer (DASA PAO) is responsible for promoting all aspects of the DASA’s functions as a regulator and independent investigative agency.  This includes managing public affairs related issues as well as supporting the development of proactive public affairs and promotional content (articles, stories and supporting imagery); supporting the education and promotion function of the regulator and engaging internal and external audiences on how DASA continues to achieve its core mission and objectives.  
For enquiries pertaining to Public Affairs related matters please contact SQNLDR Barrie Bardoe via DASA.PublicAffairs


Enquiries related to space activities can be submitted to the Director Space via the group mailbox.

Training and Education

For enquiries regarding Training and Education offered by DASA, please email one of the following:

Uncrewed Aircraft Systems

Enquiries related to Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) can be submitted to the DASA.UAS Mailbox