The Aviation Authorities listed in the DASA Military Aviation Authorities – Recognition Tables are recognised by DASA. The recognition certificates linked in the right-most column detail the scope, conditions and caveats that must be taken into account prior to exploiting recognition provisions. Any current version of the recognition certificate may be used to form a means of compliance with a regulation provided that the means of compliance relies on only one version; i.e. parts of the scope/conditions/caveats from different versions should not be ‘mixed and matched’ to form a single means of compliance.

Note: Where a Form 1 equivalent has been identified by name in the table, these artefacts may be directly consumed without applying any checks beyond those that should normally be performed when consuming a DASR Form 1.

Note: Countries whose military or civil aviation authorities recognise DASA are identified by an asterisk (*) in the tables. For further information, please contact DASA or the respective authority.

Advisory Circular 004/2018 Airworthiness Recognition in the DASP  provides further details on the recognition provisions of the DASR.


DASA Aviation Authorities Recognition Tables