The Defence Flight Safety Bureau is accountable to the Chief of Air Force in his capacity as the Defence Aviation Authority for the strategic management of flight safety in Defence. The Bureau provides Defence with independent aviation investigation, research and analysis, safety training and safety promotion capabilities. Accordingly, DFSB is the centre of expertise for flight safety within Defence.

Aviation Safety Reports

What is an Aviation Accident Investigation Report?

The factors contributing to aviation safety events must be identified so that measures are taken to mitigate risk and to reduce the probability of recurrence. An aviation safety investigation does not apportion blame or determine liability. Determination of the contributing factors in an event requires the conduct of a structured and effective investigation. All investigations must include safety recommendations that reduce the probability of recurrence. For significant safety events, an Aviation Accident (or Incident) Investigation Report is the mechanism for delivering those safety recommendations.

Why release the report?

The ultimate aim of aviation safety within Defence is the preservation of human and material resources to generate combat capability in all Defence Aviation operations through continuous improvement in aviation safety management. Circulation of Investigation Reports is one method of ensuring greater awareness of safety recommendations, thereby reducing the probability of recurrence.

Why are some reports not released or redacted?

Reports may not be released, or redactions may be required, in accordance with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 1982, and are based on the removal of information that may:

  • identify an individual without their consent;
  • contain commercial-in-confidence or legal-in-confidence elements; or
  • release operational or classified information.
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EA-18G, A46-311, Uncontained Engine Failure, Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, USA, 27 Jan 18

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