Once the Certification Basis (CB) has been established, and the design and construction of an aerodrome commenced or completed, the applicant needs to demonstrate, through the production of evidence, that the design and construction of the aerodrome meets the agreed CB.

Compliance demonstration evidence must be available for inspection by the Authority (on a non-exhaustive basis) in order to provide independent assurance that the evidence is suitable, and that the evidence demonstrates compliance to the agreed CB requirements.

Compliance demonstration evidence is contained in compliance documents. It may consist of design data, test plans and reports, analyses, drawings, processes, material specifications, operating limitations, aerodrome manual and supplements, and maintenance program and supplements amongst others. The applicant is responsible for demonstrating compliance by means that has been agreed during the Certification Program (CP), and making the evidence available to DASA for inspection.

Generation of evidence is solely the responsibility of the applicant. All compliance documents must be independently checked by the applicant and signed as complete and accurate regardless of DASA’s inspection requirements. The applicant shall compile a list of evidence that has been produced to demonstrate compliance against each line item of the CB; and provide a formal declaration that the design and construction of the aerodrome entirely meets the requirements of the CB. The evidence can be captured in the CB template tool provided by the Authority, or another applicant specified means. Guidance on how to use the CB template tool, to capture the compliance demonstration evidence is provided in User Guide – Certification Basis Template.

For shipborne heliports compliance demonstration will normally be planned and completed in accordance with the processes for the RANs Materiel Assurance as described in the N-Library. However, the requirement to make all evidence that demonstrates compliance to the agreed CB available to the DASA is still applicable.

What We Do

Throughout the Certification Program (CP), the DASA will inspect select compliance evidence to the extent necessary to assure the safety of the design and construction of the aerodrome. The DASA will review, on a non-exhaustive basis, any compliance evidence used to support the declaration of compliance to provide the independent assurance necessary to support the granting of an Aerodrome Certificate.

How Do I Apply?

All compliance documents are to be made available to DASA. The AH CERT-DASA Project Certification Manager (PCM) is to be advised each time compliance documentation is complete, approved and available to the schedule in the CP to prevent a backlog of review workload near the end of a CP. Liaison with the PCM  via the mailbox .

I Want To Learn More…

If you want to learn more about Compliance Demonstration, please consult the DASR 139 (Aerodrome) Regulations at DASR 139 Aerodromes and the following resources:

Guidance Material


DASR Forms


  • DASDRM S6 Ch 2 CB Template

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  • DASDRM S6 Ch 3 CB Template

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  • DASDRM S6 Ch 4 CB Template

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