When applying for certification of an Aerodrome a declaration of compliance must be made. The purpose of the declaration is to ensure the applicant organisation has considered and confirmed that compliance has been demonstrated to all TCB requirements and no aspect is unsafe for use as intended. The applicant must identify a suitable person to make the declaration – usually the person responsible for design/manufacture/inspection of the aerodrome (see Factsheet Responsibility for the Design and Construction of Safe Aerodromes).

The person chosen to declare compliance must be a competent, qualified and authorised individual. The DASA does not mandate whom is such a person, the applicant is to propose and justify why the nominated person is suitable. DASA does have the expectation that the person making the declaration would be a senior engineer in an accountable organisation. This person does not have to be a part of the applicant’s organisation, however this should be clearly identified in the Certification Plan.

When all Military Aerodrome Certification Review Items (MACRIs) have been approved and all compliance demonstration evidence has been developed and approved, the applicant is in a position to provide a declaration that the design and construction of the aerodrome entirely meets the requirements of the Certification Basis (CB). The declaration can be made as part of the application for an Aerodrome Certificate, for which a DASA form has been developed (see Forms area below), or via another means (which could be formally agreed in the Certification Program Plan (CPP)). This page provides an overview of the declaration.

The declaration of compliance is declaring that:

  • the Design meets the Certification Basis;
  • the Construction meets the Design; and
  • all non-compliance issues are addressed through Authority approved MACRIs.

Declaration of compliance can only be completed:

  • If compliance has been shown against ALL requirements in the provisional Certification Basis (CB); and
  • After DASA approval of all MACRIs.

Declaration can be made in the Aerodrome Certification application form (Application for Aerodrome Certificate).

When submitting an application for an Aerodrome Certificate, the submission of the declaration of compliance must be accompanied with:

  • The Certification Check List (CCL) - to be made available and can be attached as an Annex to the application form.
  • The Authority must be given access to all compliance evidence referenced in the CCL.
  • Evidence of arrangements to support continued compliance with the CB; and
  • Evidence of arrangements to manage design information for continuing safe operations.

Prior to completion of the declaration of compliance and all supporting documentation, the applicant may choose to invite DASA to review completed compliance demonstration evidence and/or supporting documents.

  • The applicant should be pro-active and engage with DASA as early as possible in the certification process to plan for early reviews of completed documents.
  • DASA will not review early draft versions, only mature drafts of documents.

The CB template that has been developed by the Authority, can be used by the applicant to keep track of compliance demonstration activities against each line item of the CB, including MACRI submissions and approvals. Evidence of arrangements to support continued compliance with the CB, and evidence of arrangements to manage design information for continuing safe operations can also be referenced in this template. Once completed, the CCL sheet from the template can be attached as an annex to the Application form. While the use of this CB template is not mandatory, this information needs to be made available to the Authority, and captured in a similar document. For details on how to use the CB template, refer to the Guides identified in the area below.

What We Do

DASA will review the compliance declaration, including the personnel competency of the person making the declaration, as part of the aerodrome certification.

The Authority may choose to inspect the compliance demonstration evidence provided by the applicant, this may be on a non-exhaustive basis. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure all compliance evidence is available to the Authority.

How Do I Apply?

To discuss declaration of compliance submission against the CB, DASA AHCERT should be engaged through

The application form for an aerodrome certificate can be found below (see Forms area).

I Want To Learn More…

If you want to learn more about Declaration of compliance, please consult the DASR 139 (Aerodrome) Regulations at DASR 139 Aerodromes and the following resources:

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