Continued (Design) aerodrome compliance encompasses all tasks, to be carried-out to verify that the conditions under which an Aerodrome certificate has been granted, continue to be fulfilled throughout its period of validity. Arrangements that enable continued aerodrome compliance are an integral part of aerodrome certification. The Authority must be assured that the aerodrome will continue to comply with the aerodrome certification basis and that the safe design of the aerodrome will be retained through the service life of the Aerodrome to issue and maintain certification.

Aerodromes can have a long service life, and changes are often made to the aerodrome design, construction and operation during that service life. Furthermore, the original design and/or construction of the aerodrome may include latent defects, not evident at the time of original certification. Arrangements to support continued aerodrome compliance with the aerodrome certification basis is essential. The following systems and procedures are a minimum to be implemented to support continued compliance:

  • A system to retain, and retention of all relevant design informationdrawings and test reports; including inspection records for the aerodrome.
  • A system and procedures to capture and manage the configuration of the aerodrome design.
  • A system and processes to collect, investigate and analyse reports of and information related to failures, malfunctions, defects or other occurrences which might adversely affect safe operation of the aerodrome, and to implement corrective action if warranted.

For initial certification the applicant is to establish and provide evidence of these systems and procedures. These arrangements will then be implemented and monitored by the Aerodrome Operator in service.

What We Do

The DASA will review, on a non-exhaustive basis, the information and procedures provided for continued aerodrome compliance arrangements amongst other things before issuing an aerodrome certificate.

Furthermore the DASA may review any non-compliance, occurrences or design defects communicated by the applicant and/or the Aerodrome Operator for the potential to affect the certification status and whether the actions taken to maintain support to safe flight operations are credible and defensible.

How Do I Apply?

Application for an Aerodrome Certificate is made through an application form submitted to the Authority. This form attests that arrangements for continued compliance have been provided to support aerodrome certification.

A record of the documents and information that is provided for supporting continuing safe operations can be captured in the Aerodrome Certification Basis Template. The template and guide for use of the template can be found in the DASR Forms area of this webpage.

I Want To Learn More…

If you want to learn more about establishing arrangements for continued compliance, please consult the DASR 139 (Aerodrome) Regulations at DASR 139 Aerodromes and the following resources:

Guidance Material

DASR Forms


  • DASDRM S6 Ch 2 CB Template

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  • DASDRM S6 Ch 3 CB Template

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  • DASDRM S6 Ch 4 CB Template

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  • User Guide – Certification Basis Template

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