Defence Aviation Safety Regulation (DASR) 139.90 requires the Aerodrome Operator to develop, document and undertake an aerodrome maintenance program to ensure that the aerodrome remains in a condition to support safe flight operations.
The Aerodrome Maintenance Program should include:

  • Maintenance schedules and routines to ensure the aerodrome continues to meet the design requirements.
  • Technical inspections that confirm facilities are fit for their intended purpose and acceptable for use.
  • The engagement of suitably qualified personnel to conduct maintenance.

Failure to follow the Maintenance Program may cause a finding on the Aerodrome Operator approval, and can impact certification. Example of arrangements (systems and procedures) used to enact the Aerodrome Maintenance Program Plan are:

  • Repainting of markings – periodic repaint
  • Electrical system works – continuity testing
  • Periodic friction testing
  • OLS surveys
  • ATIs
  • ASIs

What We Do

The DASA will guide stakeholders regarding development of Aerodrome Maintenance Programs and may review the documented maintenance program as part of oversight activities.

How Do I Apply?

There is no requirement to submit an Aerodrome Maintenance Program to the Authority; however, the documented Program must be made available to the Authority on request.

I Want To Learn More…

If you want to learn more about Aerodrome Maintenance Programs, please consult the DASR 139 (Aerodrome) Regulations at DASR 139 Aerodromes and the following resources:

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