This page provides guidance and further information to assist applicants in understanding Defence Aviation Safety Regulation (DASR) 139 – Aerodromes regulations with regard to Defence Aerodromes Safety Management Systems.

Safety Management Systems

The Aerodrome Operator must establish and maintain an appropriate Safety Management System (SMS) to ensure compliance with DASR.SMS and support the conduct of safe flight operations, facilities management, rescue firefighting and maintenance aspects of the Defence Aerodrome. SMS implementation may be scalable to address the unique hazards and risks associated with the type and scope of operations pertaining to the aerodrome.

What We Do

The DASA will support stakeholders regarding understanding the requirements for development of Defence Aerodrome Safety Management Systems, and the non-exhaustive review of such programs to support the Authority’s approval.

DASA may perform additional surveillance checks to ensure SMS continues to function.

How Do I Apply?

Application for SMS approval is combined with the application for Defence Aerodrome Operator approval. See webpage Requirements for Organisational Approval to identify how to apply for Aerodrome Operator approval.

I Want To Learn More…

If you want to learn more about Defence Aerodromes SMS, please consult the DASR 139 (Aerodrome) Regulations at DASR 139 Aerodromes, the DASR Safety Management Systems (SMS) Regulations at DASR SMS and the following resources:

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