The Defence Aviation Safety Regulation (DASR) 139 - Aerodromes came into effect on 10th April 2020. These regulations incorporate significant changes to the existing set of regulations and bring aerodrome regulations up to a contemporary standard. Based on these regulations, a Defence Aerodrome must be classified as Certified or non-Certified as determined by the Authority. The listing of all Authority (DASA) Certified Aerodromes based on DASR 139 - Aerodromes can be found on the DASA Defence Intranet Page.
Classification of an Aerodrome for Certification is based on four considerations:

  • There is a terminal instrument flight procedure (which excludes Airborne Radar Approach (ARA)) for the aerodrome; or

Note: In the shipborne heliport context, this is aligned to helicopter operations to ships in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) (i.e., Level I)
Note: If this is the only certification criteria met for an aerodrome, the Aerodrome Operator and primary Military Air Operators may present a safety-based argument to the Authority, recommending that certification is not reasonably practicable in the circumstance.

  • There are regular civil commercial passenger operations at the aerodrome; or

Note: the term ‘regular’ will be further defined through investigation and consultation at each aerodrome identified with scheduled civil transport operations)

  • There are frequent aircraft operations at the aerodrome; or

Note: a numerical value for 'frequent' is purposely not presented. A binary result (i.e. yes/no) is contrary to the requirements of the WHS Act to minimise risk where reasonably practicable, particularly when international 'good practice' does not currently present any such number. Rather, the decision should be made on the basis of rigorous analysis of the risk exposure. For example, it would be difficult to argue against certification for an aerodrome that sees multiple flights on many days of the year.
Note: In the shipborne heliport context, this is aligned to whether the ship can embark helicopters or will see significant use even though it can-not embark helicopters (e.g. MATV)
Note: Defence, civilian and international military operations must be considered in the total number of operations.

  • The Defence flight operations at the aerodrome are often inherently hazardous, well beyond normal civilian operations, and the provision of a well-designed / maintained aerodrome is a key safety risk control.

Note: May include items such as formation departures and landings, sloping ground landings, airborne landing areas, emergency runways, arrestor cable operations, recovery systems, etc. These considerations will be explored with major users to understand the hazardous nature.

These certification considerations, developed by the DASA, were based on certification criteria and information outlined by CASA, EASA and ICAO, applied to the

What We Do

The DASA will work with Sponsors to identify any new Defence aerodromes requiring certification or non-certified Aerodromes undergoing major changes, based on the set of certification considerations and community input.

An Aerodrome database, with the details of those aerodromes already determined to require certification, is maintained internal to Defence. The DASA will work with aerodrome operators or applicants for aerodrome certification to achieve a Certified Aerodrome.

How Do I Apply?

To apply for classification and certification of an aerodrome the applicant must write to the DASA – Director of Initial Airworthiness requesting a determination be made regarding the classification of an aerodrome (Certified or non-Certified). The request needs to be accompanied by an assessment against the certification considerations applicable to the aerodrome.

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If you want to learn more about Certified Aerodrome Determinations, please consult the DASR 139 (Aerodrome) Regulations at DASR 139 Aerodromes and the following resources:

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