The Aerodrome Operator Specification is a document issued by Defence Aviation Safety Authority (DASA) as part of the Defence Aviation Safety Regulations (DASR) 139 - Aerodrome Operator approval process. The Aerodrome Operator Specification provides the detail of the Aerodromes Operator organisation, systems and processes. An Annex for every aerodrome controlled by the Aerodrome Operator is attached to the Aerodrome Operator Specification when each Aerodrome has approved an Aerodrome Manual, systems and processes implemented at the Aerodrome and an Aerodrome Certificate has been issued. To gain an Aerodrome Operator Specification or an Annex a compliance statement must be completed and submitted to the Authority.

The Compliance Statement, Aerodrome Operator Specification and Aerodrome Operator Certificate can be completed for the Aerodrome Operator without any annexes submitted. Namely, the Aerodrome Operator Certificate can be issued while not operating an aerodrome under DASR 139 - Aerodromes.

The Aerodrome Operator Specification captures key areas of compliance within DASR 139 – Aerodrome Regulations, specifically information in the following areas provided to the Authority through the Compliance Statement in accordance with DASR AMC 139.30:

  • Aerodrome Operator Organisational name and location
  • Identify Hazard Tracking Authority (HTA) and other key appointments
  • Evidence of a suitable aerodrome SMS
  • Evidence of a suitable aerodrome QMS
  • Annex for each aerodrome:
    • Evidence of the certification status of the aerodrome/s and any imposed limitations and / or conditions
    • Key aerodrome(s) base, safety or manager appointments
    • Complete and valid Aerodrome Manual(s)
    • Outline of relevant aerodrome management arrangements

Both the Compliance Statement and the Aerodrome Operator Specification are dynamic documents. Examples of changes could be:

  • Change or withdrawal of a condition or limitation
  • Addition or withdrawal of an airfield
  • Regulation update may require compliance statement update
  • Change, new or withdrawal of a regulation based requirement.

What We Do

DASA issues an Aerodrome Operator Specification as part of the Aerodrome Operator approval, or provides approval of Annexes to the Aerodrome Operator Specification in combination with the Aerodrome Operator Certificate.

How Do I Apply?

See web page Aerodrome Operator Organisational Approval to identify how to apply for initial authority approval (or changes to Operator Specification) for an Aerodrome Operator. A compliance statement must be completed and submitted to the Authority to have an Annex added to the Aerodrome Operator Specification.
Refer to the forms section below for a Compliance Statement Template.

I Want To Learn More…

If you want to learn more about Aerodrome Operator Specifications, please consult the DASR 139 (Aerodrome) Regulations at DASR 139 Aerodromes and the following resources:

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If you have questions about this topic please contact

For DASR queries please submit a DASR Query Form (DQF) Form 110 

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