The Defence Airworthiness Safety Regulations (DASR) will include DASR 147 - Maintenance Training Organisations. These regulations require organisations that deliver aviation trade training or aircraft type courses to be approved Maintenance Training Organisations (MTO).

DASR 147 establishes the regulations required by Aircraft Maintenance Training Organisations responsible for either Basic or Type Training for DASR 66 Engineers and Aircraft Maintenance Technicians to be eligible for a Military Aircraft Maintenance Licence (MAML).

DASA Principles for Implementation

The Defence Aviation Safety Authority (DASA) and Air Force Training Group (AFTG) have agreed that the primary framework to meet the DASR 147 requirements for the training of ADF personnel is through the creation of a single Air Domain MTO.

The single Air Domain MTO will:

  • leverage existing Joint and Single Service Individual Education and Training governance arrangements to provide efficient and standardised governance approach for ADO aviation maintenance training.
  • align with the Defence Registered Training Organisation (DRTO) framework to enable standardisation against benchmarked Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) standards.
  • provide a single point of accountability for aviation maintenance training, which will provide better holistic oversight that safety outcomes are being achieved.
  • provide the simplest path to the provision of recognition of Defence Maintenance Training by international military and civil regulators

Commercial organisations that deliver aircraft maintenance training – either initial technical training or Military aircraft Type courses to ADF personnel or contractor staff will be:

  • recognised by DASA , if they already have a Part 147 Approval issued by a DASA-recognised National Airworthiness Authority (NAA)/National Military Airworthiness Authority (NMAA); or
  • included within the Air Domain MTO; or
  • issued a discrete DASR 147 Approval, where they provide aviation maintenance training to DASR 145 organisation(s), but do not train ADF personnel.

Air Domain Maintenance Training Organisation

The Air Domain MTO was stood up on 21 December 2018 and includes military aircraft type training courses delivered by Army Aviation Training Centre (AAvnTC), the Navy Training Authority – Aviation (TA-AVN) and the Air Force – Force Element Groups (FEGs). Basic aviation knowledge training delivered by BAE Systems (DATA) is also included under the Air Domain MTO.

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