ASI Symposium

The ADF Aircraft Structural Integrity Symposium (AASI Symposium) is the only dedicated forum for military Aircraft Structural Integrity in Australasia and is an excellent opportunity for organisations and personnel in the Aircraft Structural Integrity community to meet and share their knowledge, experience and lessons learned. As such, OEMs, Defence, Commonwealth employees, foreign military personnel, aviation industry and related parties will be in attendance and providing presentations.

The 2024 AASI Symposium has now been completed and was held in February 2024, this event was co-sponsored by the Defence Aviation Safety Authority (DASA) and Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG).

The theme for the 2024 AASI Symposium was centred on the four pillars of ASI Usage Monitoring, Fatigue Management, Structural Condition Monitoring & Environmental Degradation and took an innovative look at Additive Manufacture.

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